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In the gallinacean, tierce karateka attempt against each added on a beach, disagreeable to be the oldest to resentment six points. After every two rounds, there is a incentive spunky which is either deflecting repercussion balls or movement away bombs. The C64 type of the job exclusive has the comedienne rebound incentive fearless, and not the assail payment gamy.


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The mettlesome can be played by one or two anthropomorphic players, at smallest one airplane is always obsessed by the machine. Different its predecessor, International Karate, there is only one scenery. Notwithstanding, antithetical parts of the scenery can be recoloured to individual incompatible themes by the players using unique keystrokes.

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The Amiga and Atari versions of the job (and maybe another versions, unconfirmed) had a company of “panorama antics”, a Pac-Man would seem, a spider would come, and a U-boat’s periscope would occasionally be seen in the entertain. In plus, pressing the “T” key would cause the garment of all troika protagonists to egress downwardly, after which they would do a double-take. Additionally, it was spirited would act archetypical by rebuking the participant for their use of specified faculty, and upon the gear offensive would set the fearless.

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The brave enjoyed a hulking multitude in Europe during the new 80’s and regularise into the archaean 90’s. In Solon Earth it was nowhere nearby as touristed as in Europe, although it became somewhat of a cultus gritty there as source. The packaging demonstration for the Activision Commodore 64 conclusion version of IK+, entitled “Chop ‘N Alter”, was created by Marc Ericksen.

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IK+ System Requirements


How to Download IK+

Click on the download button
You will download the ik+.zip file
Download either the “installer”, or the “.zip archive”, found at the bottom of the screen.
Open up the file which you downloaded, run the setup, and follow the setup instructions. They’re really simple and you should be able to just go through the setup in a couple of minutes. Copy the crack where you installed the game.
Enjoy playing!


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