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Stardust is a enclose ’em up machine scheme for the Amiga, released by the Finnish companion Bloodhouse in 1993. The courageous is essentially an Asteroids image with enhancements, much as power-ups, shields, a high-energy techno module soundtrack, vivid use of colors and the irregular tunnel construct that revolves around a welkin.


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The occupation’s graphics thespian sarcastic acclamation for the same tunnels and the socialized use of ray-tracing. The lot has since merged with Terramarque to appearance Housemarque.

In a not atypical play of Finnish nutriment, the developers gave various things humorous traducement in their own language, which were (and solace are) highly cloud in the world marketplace. The maiden in suffering is named after a firewood of paste, and the terminal showdown takes situation over the follower Imatra.

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The gamey was also ported to the PC, but not by the germinal programmers. This variant was equipage, deficient on information launch in the Amiga version and severely missing in both control and gameplay culture.

Changeover made for the Atari STE by Action demoscene gathering was publicised in 1995 by Shock Marketing Ltd. It is celebrity of being one of the few games utilizing Atari STE’s technical capabilities (in opposition to senior Atari ST).

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Nonetheless, an enhanced postscript was free leash period subsequent for AGA Amigas, Amiga CD32, and finally for the PC platform as compartment. Named Super Stardust (or Super Stardust ’96), the brave features a CD soundtrack from Slusnik Luna, FMV cut-scenes, soprano intensify gameplay and completely new levels and enemies.

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Stardust System Requirements


How to Download Stardust

Click on the download button
You will download the file
Download either the “installer”, or the “.zip archive”, found at the bottom of the screen.
Open up the file which you downloaded, run the setup, and follow the setup instructions. They’re really simple and you should be able to just go through the setup in a couple of minutes. Copy the crack where you installed the game.
Enjoy playing!


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