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Tanktics is a strategy video game developed by DMA Design in 1999 for Microsoft Windows. It was published by Interplay.


Tanktics Free Download

There are four worlds in campaign mode: Stone Age, Medieval, Modern, and Futuristic, each containing six levels. The enemy will always be one world in technology above you, the final one being the “Evil Black Tanks” themselves. There are also a challenge and training mode, the challenge consisting of levels in which you need to do a certain task (From killing certain tanks with boulders to crushing black sheep to defending your base with tanks needing to be reassembled) in a fixed time limit.

The Part-O-Matic is the only structure in the game controlled by you. It produces a set of parts, determined by the level, one by one. The speed is determined by the number of sheep on its wheel. Sheep are found randomly grazing and can be picked up by your crane and dropped on your Part-O-Matic’s wheel. After an allotted amount of time, sheep will grow tired and need to be restored in the sheep dip found throughout the level, there is commonly one beside your main HQ. Once they have rested, they may be put back on the wheel. Black sheep are your sheep’s enemy, as they will spread their disease to other sheep, rendering them useless. Once a sheep has been infected, you may put it in the green goo where it heals. However, once it turns completely black, there is no way to restore it to its previous state. In order to stop the sheep from getting infected at all is to kill the black sheep via boulder to the head. Sheep are fragile, and can be killed by your enemies or by accident. Sacrificing parts to your Part-O-Matic, such as enemy tank pieces, sheep, boulders, or crates, allows the Part-O-Matic to constantly reproduce from the pre-determined queue randomly set up in-game. Crates, as the main resource for you, are found all over the place and can be carried by your tanks and returned to your Part-O-Matic. One tank can hold 4 crates and sometimes crates can be difficult to get a hold of, so the default template is a lot of powerful weapons on a 4-exhaust engine placed on water-tracks.

Tanktics your tanks

There are four main parts to make tanks in the game. The track determines what areas of terrain the tank can cross. These included wheels, tracks which can only cross basic terrain, such as stone, half-tracks, tracks which can cross desert, snow-mobiles, tracks which can cross over snow, boats, which can cross over water, and hover-crafts, tracks which can cross over anything without suffering the effects of the ground. Making tanks without tracks renders them immobile, similar to turrets. The engine determined not only how fast the tank can go, but how many weapons an individual tank can possess. Weapons weighed down a tank and made it slower, in effect a tank with a total of five engine power and three weapons would travel the same speed as a tank with a total engine power of two and no weapons. The weapons automatically shoots at enemies within its range. You can place as many weapons in a tank as it had engine power, and can not exceed a fixed height limit. You can also order tanks to attack a specific tank or area of terrain. There are over sixty weapons in-game throughout the five time periods. Finally, the radar only comes in one variety, and is needed to make the tank function.

In the game, there are power-ups, collected both by being made by the Part-O-Matic and unlocked by buttons requiring a certain experience level of the tank that touches it. These buttons may also unlock certain areas or parts necessary to winning the game. Furthermore, there are boulders, movable by crane, which can be )1 Used as Part-O-Matic resource, )2 Used to attack enemies, )3 Used as walls from enemy tanks, or )4 Used to crush black sheep.

Tanktics end turn

Tanktics System Requirements

Windows (Minimum)

  • Windows 95/98
  • DirectX/DirectShow 6.1 or Better
  • Pentium 233MHz
  • 32MB RAM
  • 4MB 3d card (DirectX compatible)
  • 8x CD-ROM

Windows (Recommended)

  • Windows 95/98
  • DirectX/DirectShow 6.1 or Better
  • Pentium 266MHz
  • 64MB RAM
  • 4MB 3d card (DirectX compatible)
  • 8x CD-ROM


How to Download Tanktics

  1. Click on the download button. It should start downloading your game.
  2. You will download the tanktics.zip file or the game installer. The file formats we use are either “installer” (.exe), or the “.zip archive”
  3. Open up the file which you downloaded, run the setup, and follow the setup instructions.
  4. Once installed, copy the crack file in the directory where you installed the game.
    Enjoy playing!”


Tanktics Free Download PC/Mac/Linux

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